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Decorative Finishing Options

Whether you’re publishing a simple gallery catalog or a high-end portfolio, we offer a range of cover decoration options that will allow you to create a beautiful, custom book cover. The options available are dependent up on the type of book you’re ordering.


Cover Laminate

Laminate can provide both strength and beauty to your book’s cover or dust jacket. We can apply either gloss or matte laminate to perfect bound softcover books and dust jackets. Gloss laminate provides a high sheen finish which is highly resistant to dirty and smudging. Matte laminate feels softer in the hands and less ‘plastic’. As a general rule, very dark covers and jackets will need to use gloss laminate as matte will likely show scuff marks.

Foil Stamping

This traditional cover decoration can be added to our linen hardcover books as well as our deluxe softcover books. The process is age-old and involves making a custom metal die from your digital files, heating the die and then pressing an impression into the cover material. We can also blind emboss (indentation – but no color.) Foil colors include gold, silver, black, white, red, clear and blind emboss.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a great way to add a unique design and color to your cover. If your desired graphics are fine in detail, include large fill areas, or require a specific color this may be a great option for you. We can screen print on just about all of our covers, but linen hardcover books and deluxe softcovers are most common.

Inset Cover Image

This cover treatment is just as it sounds. We take metal die and use it to apply 20 tons of pressure to a linen book cover. The resulting indentation allows us to safely glue a cover image (which you supply) into the recessed area. The result is both beautiful and functional. See our file preparation page for more info.

Dust Jackets

Our dust jackets are printed in full color then either gloss or matte laminated. They are creased and trimmed by hand after the book is made in order to ensure proper fit. This classic cover protector is also the best way to add a full color image to your book’s cover. The folded flaps on our jackets are 4″ and can be used for text or imagery.