I received my books on Friday just as you promised. I am completely blown away by the quality of materials, and by the consistent craftsmanship. Each book is flawless, and indistinguishable from the next. I'm thrilled with the result. Thank you so much for helping me turn my ideas and my digital artwork into tangible reality.

— John C.


I received my books and they are wonderful! Please thank your whole crew. I don't see how they could be better. THANKS!

— Alfred P.


I received my books today and I could not be more pleased! I just wanted to reach out and say thank you to everyone at Edition One. Thank you for the excellent product. Thank you for accommodating my schedule. Thank you for the superb service and communication. It's been such a pleasure and incredibly refreshing given the experiences I had with other vendors trying to get this book made. You weren't my first choice (I forgot why) and I now see that you should have been. I look forward to doing business with Edition One again in the future.

— Fred D.


I just got back and took a look at the books.  The books look great!  I’m real happy with how they turned out.  I’ll be delivering them to Charles on Saturday and I’m sure he’ll be pleased, too.  He’s well over 90 years old and he still takes photos and puts these books together.  Thanks for all of the guidance and advice in doing this book.

— Adam C.


The books have arrived and they look beautiful. Thank you so much for your commitment and dedication to have the books arrive on time. I’ll keep you posted about how the marketing effort proceeds and hope to order more soon!

— David R.



Once again you have done a great job! We are so very pleased. Now onto the next one which is mainly text. Many many thanks since this has been Howard’s dream to have these essays in book form having written them 40 years ago.

— Nancee H.


I just wanted to let you know that the books arrived today and they look great!! Thanks for all your help during this process. I'm very happy with the way they turned out!

— Ria B.


Great to meet part of the team today, I really love how the books turned out. Thanks so much to everyone who helped out, for working with me and making 3 samples, and for helping me print my first book!! I really appreciate it all.

— Evan D.


The book came out great, I am really thrilled with the work you all have done. Thanks again.

— Jared B.


I just wanted to thank you and the rest of the Edition One crew for shepherding this project through. The catalogs look fantastic!  It's been a real pleasure to work with you all again.

— Dean S.


Just wanted to say thank you SO much to everyone involved in the making of these books... they are FANTASTIC and will be treasured by our family forever.

— Lucy H.


Just wanted to say that though it took a few tweaks, that the books are really, really amazing. Super pleased, thanks so much.

— Christopher G.