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Printing – methods and details

Like most short-run book manufacturers, the majority of the books we make at Edition One Books are printed on 4-color digital presses. After many years of making books and testing equipment, we believe we’ve chosen the best press manufacturers and materials available. Because we are small and focus on short to medium production runs rather than one-off, on-demand production, we are able to offer personal attention to each project. Complimentary 10-page test prints, hard proofs for every order, and talented press operators monitoring the color stability of each job help to achieve superior print quality.

Our largest print runs are printed traditionally with 4, 5, or even 6 color offset presses. The reason for this is primarily cost. You will see on our pricing calculator that per-copy costs drop significantly once an order is large enough to justify offset printing. Unlike digital presses, offset presses use wet ink (vs. toner) and a wider range of paper and finishing options are available.

The specifications and quantity of your book order will determine whether it is printed offset or digitally. If you have a strong preference on which printing method is used, or which country your book is printed in, we are happy to provide you with custom quotes – just send us an email or call us to discuss your request.

Orders of 5x – 500x Copies

Complete production done here in California – 100% made in the USA
Printed in-house on 4-color digital presses with a matte finish.
Uncoated smooth and super-smooth paper is generally used.
Covers are custom made and decorated in-house for every job.
Books are PUR adhesive bound in house – super strong & super flexible.
Production time ranges from 2 – 4 weeks depending on order specifications.

Orders of 500x or more

Books are offset printed, sewn, glued and finished at our facilities in Tennessee and California.
Books are usually printed on coated paper – either matte or gloss finish. Other types area also available. Traditional finishing options including spot varnish, duotone, tritone etc. are available.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. We know that the printing and publishing process can be confusing and we are here to take care of the printing part! We’re happy to explain the process in depth, help to define confusing terminology, and to listen to any specific requests you have regarding materials, printing, packaging etc.