Dust jacket, cover, and printed wrap calculator.


Book Setup: A Few Basics

We only accept print-ready PDF files for printing. Below you will find helpful information for preparing your book layout. The items noted below address the most common questions we receive regarding document setup and PDF creation. Edition One Books does not offer an online book-layout application. The notes below assume basic understanding of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign. Though Microsoft Word, Apple’s Pages, Scribus, Quark and other applications can create print-ready PDF files, we suggest using Adobe InDesign and are not able to field questions regarding the use of other page layout applications. If you’re not interested in laying out your book yourself, we may be able to help you find a good designer – just email us.

Cover Creation

For printed softcovers, hardcovers image wraps, and dust jackets you must create and submit a print-ready PDF separate from your book’s contents. The links below will help you figure out what dimensions to use and how to layout your design. The first link is to a PDF file explaining the different cover options and specifications – you can download this file and print it out if you like. The second link is to our cover calculator page which will give you the proper dimensions for your particular book.

Cover Preparation and Decoration PDF

Cover Size Calculator

Image Preparation

All photographic images: 300 dpi, 8 bit, flattened, saved as TIFF or JPEG

We suggest using the Adobe 1998 RGB color profile for color images

For truly neutral black & white images use Gray Gamma 2.2

Text, Graphics and Fills should use CMYK Web Coated SWOP v2

Document Setup

We suggest using Adobe InDesign to create your book layout. Basic required document settings are page height and width, number of pages and bleed. Be sure to include a .125” bleed on three sides: top, bottom, and outside. Setting margins is not required.


* All images shown for Adobe InDesign CC (Creative Cloud) version.

Exporting to PDF

When you’ve finished laying out your book with InDesign, you will need to export it to PDF before sending it to us. We only accept print-ready PDF files. From the “File” menu, select “Adobe PDF Presets” and then select “High Quality Print.” Make sure to select “Pages” (not “Spreads”). From here, you must make one important modification to the preset: please check “Include Document Bleed Settings” in the ‘marks and bleeds’ section. Then simply hit ‘export.’

Working With Bleeds

Bleed is an extension of the page content (.125”) which will be trimmed off during book production. Adding bleed ensures that any pages with solid background color or edge-to-edge images will not have a thin white line along the edge of the page. Additionally, if important page elements are too close to the edge, they may be partially trimmed off. To be safe, we suggest all essential contents (page numbers for example) be set at least .25” inside of the page edge.