Finishing Options

Whether you are publishing a simple gallery catalog or a high-end portfolio, we offer a range of cover decoration options that will allow you to create a beautiful, custom book cover. The options available are dependent up on the type of book you are ordering.

Foil Stamping
This traditional cover decoration can be added to softcover books. The process is age-old and involves making a custom copper die from your digital files, heating the die and then pressing an impression into the cover material. We can also blind emboss, which is an indentation with no color. Foil colors include matte gold, shiny gold, matte silver, shiny silver, black, white, red and clear.



Custom Finishing Options
We offer a variety of additional custom finishing options. They are considered on a case by case basis, as some of these finishing options cannot be applied to certain book types. For more information, questions and pricing, please contact us directly. The additional options for Deluxe Softcovers include:

• Duplex 4/4 Cover
• Gate Folds
• Linen Dust Jacket
• Screen Printing
• Softcover Dust Jacket
• Softcover Flaps
• Vellum inserts