Classic Softcover

The construction of these books is identical to printed softcover books with the exception of the cover material. These books feature a luxurious colored cover stock, which is available in a variety of stock colors and finishes. This cover material is suitable for foil stamping, black ink only printing and full color printing on some of the lighter colored cover stocks. 


Specifications and Limitations

  • minimum of 20 pages
  • maximum of 400 pages
  • Perfect Bound with PUR adhesive
  • Any trim size from 4” x 4” to 12” x 12” (in 0.25” increments)

Cover Paper

These beautiful colored cover stocks come from Neenah Paper’s Classic Crest line. Available in a variety of colors and finishes, these papers feel luxurious in the hands. We can foil stamp all of our stock colors. Full color printing works well with the lighter shades whereas black-ink only printing is suggested for medium to dark shades.

Smooth, Eggshell, Linen


Custom color options can be viewed on the website of our supplier's French Paper and Neenah. For more information on custom options and pricing, please contact us directly. 

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Interior Papers

Our books are printed on high quality papers made by trusted and environmentally responsible American paper mills. We have chosen papers from Neenah, Mohawk, and Domtar which print beautifully on our presses and help to create strong and reliable bound books. Many of the papers we use are manufactured using renewable energy, and all are FSC certified.

Super Smooth Uncoated
This paper is best for art, photography and illustration books. The super smooth surface and bright white base allow for the most accurate and vivid color reproduction. If you have many images in your books, this is likely the best paper for your book. We stock this paper in three weights, and the page count of your book will dictate which weight will be used. In this stock we carry 65lb cover weight  (176gsm),  100lb text weight (148gsm), and 80lb text weight (120gsm).

Bright White Uncoated Text
We suggest using this paper for books which are primarily text, such as poetry, fiction and memoirs. This paper is slightly rougher and toothier than our photo & art paper described above. Color images still print very nicely on this stock, though it feels more appropriate for text based books. We stock this paper in 80lb text weight (120gsm), though lighter weights are available for books with high page counts. 

Natural Tone Uncoated Text
This paper is identical to the paper described above, but with a pleasing warm white color. Natural tone papers are considered to be easier on the eyes than bright white papers, and are frequently used for poetry books, novels, and any other text based book which does not contain many, if any images. Color images will not print accurately on this stock as the paper base is not a true white.  We stock this paper in 80lb text weight (120gsm), though lighter weights are available for books with high page counts.

Bright White Uncoated Vellum
We have added this luxurious vellum paper to our line in response to our customers request to have a more toothy paper for their books. This is a bright white paper with good opacity and thickness. The vellum surface texture appears slightly more matte than the super smooth uncoated stock. Color images print well on this paper, though blacks will not print quite as dark as they would on the Super Smooth Uncoated described above. We stock this paper in 80lb text weight (120gsm) only.

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Edition One offers more custom material options than any other online bookmaker.

Finishing Options

Whether you are publishing a simple gallery catalog or a high-end portfolio, we offer a range of cover decoration options that will allow you to create a beautiful, custom book cover. The options available are dependent up on the type of book you are ordering.

Foil Stamping
This traditional cover decoration can be added to softcover books. The process is age-old and involves making a custom copper die from your digital files, heating the die and then pressing an impression into the cover material. We can also blind emboss, which is an indentation with no color. Foil colors include matte gold, shiny gold, matte silver, shiny silver, black, white, red and clear.

Custom Finishing Options
We offer a variety of additional custom finishing options. They are considered on a case by case basis, as some of these finishing options cannot be applied to certain book types. For more information, questions and pricing, please contact us directly. The additional options for Deluxe Softcovers include:

• Duplex 4/4 Cover
• Gate Folds
• Linen Dust Jacket
• Screen Printing
• Softcover Dust Jacket
• Softcover Flaps
• Vellum inserts