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Who we are

Edition One is staffed by a small group of graphic arts professionals. Most of us have formal training in the visual arts, and we all care about the product we make. From the press operator checking color consistency to the person foil stamping book covers, each person here uses their hands and eyes to ensure every job is done right. Our books are truly handmade right here in Berkeley, California. Most of our competition outsources all of their production – in our opinion that would ruin the fun.

Our founder, Ben Zlotkin holds an MFA in photography from the San Francisco Art Institute. Under his direction, Edition One Books aims to deliver the best short run books available to discerning art and design professionals. We speak the same language as our clients and understand what makes great art books great. Our aim is to bring as much customization and quality to the short run / on demand book industry as we can.

Our Mascot

Sidney is a good dog. He spends most of the day lounging around the office on one of his comfy beds until lunch time when he sidles up to anyone who looks like an easy target. He is in charge of employee morale and food scrap disposal.

Our website was designed and developed through the collaborative efforts of Charlotte Cunningham and Gregoire Vion. We’re very grateful for Charlotte and Gregoire’s talented execution, functional design, and beautiful aesthetics.